WesPay's Training Subscription

Offered exclusively for WesPay members, a Training Subscription provides a full 12 months of virtually unlimited access to payments training for your entire organization for one low price. Plan ahead for the education you need, train more staff and receive discounts above and beyond member pricing. WesPay members have saved thousands annually with the Training Subscription.

Unlimited Training for Everyone

There is no limit to the number of people from the same organization who can use the subscription, nor is there a limit to the number of webinars or webcasts that can be completed with your subscription. One subscription covers everyone in the organization, for a full twelve months, for as much education as you like.

How does it work?

The Training Subscription is available for Financial Institution and Associate members. Pricing for financial institutions is based on the deposit size of the organization. A flat rate is offered for Associate members.

Purchase of a subscription gives your organization 12-month access to WesPay webinars and pre-recorded webcasts. Anyone in your organization is eligible! When your subscription is nearing expiration you will be contacted about renewing.

Using the Training Subscription is easy. Sign into WesPay's website, go to the Learning Center, find the courses you want, and register! By signing in, you will be recognized both as a WesPay member and as having a Training Subscription. Pricing is adjusted in your shopping cart.

Training Subscription Options

Start with the base Training Subscription and add the Plus or Premier package to enhance your education options. More information and pricing is available on our brochure.

WesPay Webinars
✔* ✔* ✔*
Workshops (limited access*) 
  ✔** ✔**
Functional Certificates
  ✔** ✔**
One Registration
Network Certificate
(ACH, Check, Cross-Channel Risk)
One Registration
Accreditation Exam Preparation Program

* Standard (base) Subscription excludes AAP/APRP/NCP Accreditation Preparation Programs, Functional Area Certificates and Network Certificates.

** Includes four single registrations to select half-day or full-day Workshops or Functional Area Certificates. Excludes ACH, Check and Payments Expert Workshops, Boot Camps and Officer Candidate Schools.

Eligible Workshops

Eligible workshops for SubscriptionPlus+ and SubscriptionPremier:

  • Payments Rules & Updates
  • ACH Exception Item Processing
  • Check Returns & Adjustments
  • ACH Audit

Functional Certificates

Functional Certificates provide support to a specific functional area within in organization, across payments channels. They offer updates in operational sound practices, risk management and regulatory compliance, helping to stay up-to-date with critical payments fundamentals. Great for training those new to payments. Each Certificate consists of five to six on-demand webcasts with corresponding tests.