WesPay's Training Subscription

Offered exclusively for WesPay members, a Training Subscription provides a full 12 months of virtually unlimited access to payments training for your entire organization for one low price. Plan ahead for the education you need, train more staff and receive discounts above and beyond member pricing. WesPay members have saved thousands annually with the Training Subscription.

Unlimited Training for Everyone

There is no limit to the number of people from the same organization who can use the subscription, nor is there a limit to the number of webinars or webcasts that can be completed with your subscription. One subscription covers everyone in the organization, for a full twelve months, for as much education as you like.

Immediate Savings and ROI

WesPay offers, on average, anywhere from ten to twenty webinars each month. Additionally, a library of over 75 webcast titles are available. For example, if your organization's deposit size is $250-$500 million, you would see a return on your investment after only nine single-part, 90-minute webinars within a twelve-month span.

How does it work?

The Training Subscription is available for Financial Institution and Associate members. Pricing for financial institutions is based on the deposit size of the organization. A flat rate is offered for Associate members.

Purchase of a subscription gives your organization 12-month access to WesPay webinars and pre-recorded webcasts. Anyone in your organization is eligible!

Using the Training Subscription is easy. Log in, find the courses you want, and register! By logging in, you will be recognized both as a WesPay member and as having a Training Subscription. Everything else is automatic!

When your subscription is nearing expiration you will be contacted about renewing.

Make Mine Plus Size!

You may choose to expand your Training Subscription by adding the "Plus" package. This package adds four single registrations to select workshops or Functional Certificates.

"Plus" Workshops

The following workshops are available with the Plus package:

Payments Rules & Updates
ACH Exception Item Processing
Check Returns & Adjustments
ACH Audit

"Plus" Functional Certificates

The following Functional Certificates may be taken with the "Plus" package:

ACH AuditFundamentals of Cards
ACH OperationsFundamentals of Checks
ACH CompliancePayments Fraud
ACH Customer ServicePayments System Overview
ACH for Cash Management   Systems & Information
ACH Risk Management

Are there exceptions?

There are some exclusions to the Training Subscription. Not eligible are Functional Certificates (except with "Plus" package); ACH, Check and Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificates; AAP, APRP and NCP Exam Preparation Programs, and any webinar that is not conducted by WesPay. Every event description will identify its eligibility for use with the Training Subscription.