Accreditation Learning Paths

Accreditation Learning Paths provide a structured path for those planning on earning either the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) or National Check Professional (NCP) designation.

About the NCP Accreditation Learning Path

The NCP Accreditation Learning Path consists of a Basic Learning Path, Boot Camp, Network Certificate and Accreditation Exam Preparation Program. This 18-month path leads the NCP candidate through a course of study to prepare them to take the NCP Exam. Participants will have access to class recordings for review and study. 

National Check Professional (NCP) Path Components

The NCP candidate will take courses for programs shown in the order below. Each title is a link to additional information about the program.

NCP Exam Key Dates &; Fees

Year One

Basic Learning Path: Check Operations
Offered On-Demand

Level 1 - Check Boot Camp
Offered in Q2 of Q3
Four half-day webinars designed to hone basic Check knowledge.

Level II - Check Network Certificate
Offered in Q4
A 6-week series of webinars plus final review session. Participants will sit for an online exam which is timed, like the national exam they will be taking later. A certificate is earned at the successful completion of the program and can be maintained by taking a class annually from a selection of check-related classes.

Year Two

Level III - NCP Exam Preparation Program
Offered Q1
A series of webinars reviewing all major concepts covered in each section of the NCP Exam.

National NCP Exam
Exam Window is in April

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