About Webcasts

Webcasts, identified as "On-Demand" in the Learning Center, can be found within your Dashboard immediately after purchase.

Webcast Date Range Display

Why does a Webcast display a date range when I go to register? Example:  When  5/1/2019 - 5/31/2019

For internal purposes, Webcasts require a calendar month date range to display. This does not limit your ability to register for, or take, a Webcast. You have one year from the date of purchase to complete a Webcast.

Webcast Order in Catalog

When using the "Old to New" (chronological date order) filter in the Catalog, Webcasts will always appear first. Why? 

Internal processes require us to display Webcasts with a calendar month date range. The Learning Center sees Webcasts as the first of the month, so in chronological order they will appear first.

After Registration

After registering for an On-Demand webcast you will receive an email from WesPay Learning Center. The email will contain a link to "View this product", which will go to your Dashboard. Be sure you are signed in!


Viewing the Webcast

Select the webcast title from your Dashboard. 

Test your browser using the provided link to ensure the best experience.

Select "View On-Demand Recording" to begin your webcast.