Finding Classes in the Learning Center

The Catalog is where all WesPay classes can be found. Narrow results with any combination of four filtering options: Category, Format, Type or Date/Title/Interests, or use the Advanced Search capabilities. We encourage you to try a variety of combinations!

Search by Category

Select one or more categories from the following choices:

  • ACH
  • Card
  • Check
  • Faster Payments
  • Fraud & Risk
  • Informational
  • Products & Services
  • Wire
  • Certificate Maintenance Course - ACH Network
  • Certificate Maintenance Course - Check Network
  • Certificate Maintenance Course - Cross-Channel Risk Network

Search by Type

Select one or more from the following:

  • Webinar (Live)
  • Webcast (On-Demand)
  • Workshop (Live)
  • Symposium (Live)
  • Certificates
  • Roundtables or Meetings (Live)
  • AAP CE Courses
  • APRP CE Courses
  • NCP CE Courses
  • Training Subscription Eligible
  • Training SubscriptionPlus+ Eligible


Search by Format

Choose from these format types:

Any - all formats

Live - Webinars and Workshops

On-Demand - Webcasts (pre-recorded webinars)

Search by Date, Title or Interests

Choose from:

New to Old - Displays dates furthest out first

Old to New - Displays in chronological date order

Title A-Z

Title Z-A

My category interests - Rank interest categories from your profile to have a customized display of classes based on your choices.

Using the Advanced Search

The Advanced Search feature allows for more robust filtering of the Catalog. 

Use the existing 'Categories', 'Format' or 'Type' filters

Add a date range filter

Search by keyword - can be part of a title

Helpful Tip: To search for workshops in a particular state, use the keyword ", ST" where "ST" is the two-letter abbreviation of the state.