Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate - Level II

The Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate is multi-functional and flexible, offering advanced training in two ways.

Advance Your Knowledge

The Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate provides an understanding of payment systems risk, fraud potential and governing rules and regulations for the four key payment methods: Check, Wire, ACH and Card.

APRP Candidates

WesPay recommends this Network Certificate for those preparing to take the Accredited Payments Risk Professional (APRP) Exam, as part of a two-fold process in conjunction with the APRP Exam Preparation Program.

More information about the APRP Program


How It Works


Participants will attend live webinars. Access to classes, materials and recordings will be available to the registered participant via the Learning Center. 

The review session will cover the high points of all topics. Self-study is strongly encouraged.

The exam window dates will be provided, along with instructions on taking and completing the exam. Following successful completion, the participant will be presented with a Certificate of Completion.


  • General Overview of Payments System Risk
  • Credit and Third-party Risk for ACH (two-part)
  • Wire Transfer (two-part)
  • Card Dispute Resolutions (two-part)
  • Operational Risk and Check Processing (two-part)
  • Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate Review
  • Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate Exam

2021 Pricing for Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate

WesPay Members  $999 per person  |  Non-Members  $1,998 per person
10% discount for AAPs, APRPs, NCPs

Maintaining the Certificate

Qualifying maintenance classes for this Certificate include any fraud or risk related event.