Basic Learning Paths

Basic Learning Paths offer those new to payments a way to set a solid foundation of knowledge on a particular subject.

About the Basic Learning Paths

Each Basic Learning Path consists of a short series of pre-recorded webcasts, each with a corresponding knowledge-check quiz. At the completion of all components, a digital certificate is presented which can be saved and/or printed. Each Learning Path is designed to support a specific functional area within an organization. Webcasts offer the latest updates in operational sound practices, risk management and regulatory compliance. Basic Learning Paths are a great way to stay up-to-date with critical payments fundamentals and to aid in training those new to payments.

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  • Basic Learning Path: ACH Audit

    The ACH Rules require every financial institution and third-party processor to perform an annual audit by December 31 of each year. You may have every intention of performing a thorough audit, but may not have the appropriate tools to get started. This certificate program will provide step by step instructions for both RDFIs and ODFIs by reviewing ACH Rules Appendix 8, which outlines audit requirements. In addition, it will help you to review your policies and procedures, plus provide recommendations that can help you improve operations and implement sound risk management controls.

  • Basic Learning Path: ACH Compliance

    The ACH Compliance Certificate is perfect for those who desire a more detailed understanding of ACH payments regulations, what they mean to you and areas of consideration as you review your payments programs.

  • Basic Learning Path: ACH Operations

    This certificate is ideal for operations personnel who want a broader understanding of ACH operational issues and processes, as well as the ability to identify and respond to exception situations. This is a great option for quick training of new operations staff.

  • Basic Learning Path: ACH Risk Management

    Per the ACH Rules, all financial institutions are required to develop documented policies and procedures related to ACH processing. The process of developing such documentation can be daunting. This certificate program and the required sessions will give you a framework for building an effective ACH policies and procedures manual for your organization, and will describe the alternatives available in the payments industry to assist in this process. Topics covered include risk management safeguards (including the establishment of exposure limits for each origination application), analyzing ACH Origination processing alternatives, and establishing effective and secure procedures for day-to-day operations and customer service.

  • Basic Learning Path: Card Fundamentals

    Card transactions continue to dominate the payments space. Whether it's Debit, Credit or Prepaid, financial institutions, merchants and processors are tasked with having an understanding of how plastic is moving money. This is especially true as prepaid cards have become the fastest growing payment channel in the U.S. From the basic overview, to Reg. E investigations, chargebacks and EMV, WesPay's Card Payments Certificate is designed to provide you with a solid overview of card payments, the supporting regulations and your roles & responsibilities.

  • Basic Learning Path: Check Fundamentals

    The world of paper has gone electronic. This certificate is ideal for personnel in check related areas such as item processing, product management, remote deposit capture or other back office check operations. The Check Certificate provides a broad spectrum of education related to rules, risk, processing and products. Features and Benefits - Includes five to six webcasts plus a competency exam - View webcasts on your time, no schedule to keep - Bring staff up to speed quickly - Earning this certificate demonstrates check proficiency - Provide auditors demonstrable proof of internal training practices

  • Basic Learning Path: Faster Payments

    As you know, Faster Payments are no longer in the future; they are here. Whether it's blockchain and cryptocurrencies, P2P options such as Venmo and Zelle, or Real-Time Payments (RTP), it is vital for every financial institution to determine how Faster Payments fit into its overall strategy and risk mitigation. This certificate provides a basic overview of common Faster Payments options, the various risks associated with Faster Payments and an overview of RTP and common P2P Applications.

  • Basic Learning Path: Financial Elder Abuse

    Is your financial institution doing all it can to protect our elders from Elder Financial Abuse?  You will hear from several industry experts on latest scams, how to train your frontline staff including knowing the red flags and interviewing skills, as well as where you can get Train the Trainer information and marketing materials for your elders.

  • Basic Learning Path: Payments Fraud

    Financial thieves are business people, just like us. It's their job to learn the cracks in our procedures and it's ours to thwart their offensive attacks. This certificate program is intended to provide you with the tools needed to develop effective anti-fraud policies and procedures, help mitigate risk and protect your financial institution. Learn more about the scams affecting the payments industry and the best practices to protect your institution against these deceptive schemes.

  • Basic Learning Path: Payments Systems

    The Payments Overview Certificate is perfect for anyone wanting a basic understanding of the various payment channels. ACH, card, check and wire are all covered, providing a well-rounded curriculum of the essentials needed to understand these complex payments systems, coupled with elements of risk.