Accreditation Learning Paths

Accreditation Learning Paths provide a structured path for those planning on earning either the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) or National Check Professional (NCP) designation.

About the Accreditation Learning Paths

Each Accreditation Learning Path consists of a Basic Learning Path, Boot Camp, Network Certificate and Accreditation Exam Preparation program for the desired accreditation path (AAP or NCP currently). They are designed to guide the candidate through a two-year (AAP) or 18-month (NCP) learning journey, culminating in sitting for the national exam. Participants will have access to all class recordings for review and study through the exam window.

Candidates will need to register for the exam directly with Nacha for the AAP Exam. Those planning to take the NCP Exam may register for the exam either with WesPay during the Learning Path registration process or directly with ECCHO.

AAP Accreditation Learning Path

NCP Accreditation Learning Path