Becoming an APRP

Are you ready to become an APRP? Learn more abut exam registration and WesPay's recommended study path.

Register for the Exam

The first step is to register with Nacha and pay associated fees. Registration opens in September for the following year's exam. There are important key dates to be aware of for registration end dates, late registration, deferrals, substitutions and cancellations.

The annual test window for the APRP exam is during July. Separate registration and fees are necessary for any preparation classes or programs.

To Prepare for the Exam, WesPay Recommends...

WesPay recommends a two-fold process to prepare for the APRP Exam.

Cross-Channel Risk Network Certificate - Level II

A series of webinars, review and exam covering topics in the APRP exam. The curriculum covers:

  • Risks Related to Check Payments
  • Operational Risk Related to Check Processing
  • Wire Transfer Compliance
  • Wire Transfer Risk & Risk Mitigation
  • Risk Management for Debit Cards
  • Card Disputes, Regulation E & Chargebacks
  • Third-Party Senders & Credit Risk for ACH
  • Operational & Fraud Risk for ACH
  • Review
  • Exam

APRP Exam Preparation Program - Level III

A series of webinars and review session. Topics covered include:

  • Fundamentals of Payments Risk Management
  • Payment Systems
  • Payments Risk Policy & Governance
  • Payments Risk Management Systems & Controls
  • Physical and Information Security
  • Regulatory Environment
  • Review