Becoming an AAP

Are you ready to become an AAP? Learn more about exam registration and WesPay's recommended study path.

Register for the Exam

The first step is to register with Nacha and pay associated fees. Registration opens in January for that year's exam. There are important key dates to be aware of for registration end dates, late registration, deferrals, substitutions and cancellations.

The annual test window for the AAP exam is during October. Separate registration and fees are necessary for any preparation classes or programs.

To Prepare for the Exam, WesPay Recommends...

WesPay recommends a two-fold process to prepare for the AAP Exam. Completing both in the same year has consistently resulted in exemplary first-time pass rates for WesPay members. Self-study alone will not fully prepare one for the exam.

ACH Network Certificate

A series of webinars, review and exam covering important aspects surrounding the ACH Network. The curriculum covers:

  • Introduction to ACH
  • ACH Operating Rules, Parts 1 & 2
  • ACH Origination for the ODFI
  • Bits 'n Bytes, Parts 1 & 2
  • ACH Operations for the RDFI
  • Green Book 101 - Government Payments
  • Regulation E, Parts 1 & 2
  • ACH Exceptions
  • International Payments & IAT
  • Certificate Final Review
  • Certificate Exam

AAP Exam Preparation Program

This program is offered two ways - as webinars and workshops. Choose the format that suits your leaning style.


AAP Exam Preparation Program Webinar - Level III

An eight-week series of webinars plus review session


AAP Exam Preparation Program Workshop - Level III

A three-day, intensive workshop in select locations

AAP Accreditation Learning Path - a 2-year process

Another option is our Accreditation Learning Path. This is a curated, two-year process designed to take the AAP candidate from basic info to exam-ready.

Curriculum includes:

  • Basic Learning Path - ACH (year one, on demand)
  • ACH Boot Camp (year one, April or October)
  • ACH Network Certificate (year two, Q1 or Q2
  • AAP Exam Preparation Program (year two, August-September)

More about AAP Accreditation Learning Path