AAP Exam Preparation Program

This program provides detailed coverage of the Nacha Operating Rules, thoroughly reviewing all major concepts covered in each section of the Accredited ACH Professional (AAP) exam.

WesPay recommends a two-fold approach to prepare for the AAP Exam by taking the ACH Network Certificate and the AAP Exam Preparation Program.

Two Ways to Prepare

WesPay offers two ways to complete this program. Topics presented are the same in either format. Participants have access to all class materials and recordings (for webinars) through the Learning Center.


  • Payments System Overview
  • ACH Products
  • ACH Rules, Parts 1 & 2
  • ACH Exceptions & Government Payments
  • Legal Framework for Payment Systems
  • ACH Technical Specifications
  • ACH Risk and Other Topics
  • Review (webinars only)


AAP Exam Prep Program is an 8-week webinar series. Recordings of sessions are available afterwards, allowing for additional review.


ACH Officer Candidate School is a three-day intensive workshop. In-person classes offer additional networking opportunities and builds a network of peers.

2019 Pricing for AAP Exam Preparation Program

WesPay Members  $649 per person  |  Non-Members  $1,298 per person  |  10% discount for AAPs, APRPs, NCPs

Study Publication Package, purchased with registration  $220 Member  |  $440 Non-Member

Study Publication Package + ACHPro, purchased with registration  $260 Member  |  $520 Non-Member

Additional Study Materials

When registering for any of these preparation methods, AAP candidates may add an additional library of study tools. This package includes:

  • Nacha Operating Rules and Guidelines, print book
  • ACH Compliance Manual
  • ACH Audit Checklist
  • ACH Product Sales & Marketing Handbook
  • ACH Risk Management Handbook
  • ACH Standard Entry Class Code Quick Reference Cards
  • AAP Flash Cards

A "Plus" version of the package is also available. It includes all of the above materials plus ACHPro, a self-paced CD-based training software which can be used in test or game mode. Choose the sections to play, assess your progress with practice tests. Questions are pulled from a pool so that every game or test is different.